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Plastic Coffee Dripper
Hario VD-01W V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper
List Price: $5.95
Our Price: $4.95
Sale Price: $4.00

Hario V60 - 01 Plastic Coffee Dripper (White) is plastic cone-style filter with vortex radial drain pattern and an open end, allowing coffee to drop/drip as it needs providing a greater depth and character during extraction. The cone design adds depth to the coffee layer. The large single hole allows for optimal extraction by changing the speed of water flow. The spiral ribs all for maximum coffee expansion.
Our Coffee Barn Coffee Mug
List Price: $9.95
Our Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $7.00

Our new stylish mug. You can bet your coffee will taste better just because of this mug!!
Hario 40 Pack Bleached Filters
List Price: $4.00
Our Price: $4.00
Sale Price: $2.25

  • Cone Shaped white paper filter for Hario's V60 size 01 pour-over brewers
  • Each filter brews a single cup at a time
  • Contains 40 disposable white size 01 paper filters
  • These paper filters produce a clean, flavorful, sediment free cup
  • Made in Japan